Mar Lucas 1st Feature WIN
F4 Modified's 2006
Rob Park Heat WIN
Craig Shaver 1st Feature WIN, driving for Terry Baker
Craig Shaver 1st Heat win in own car
Russ wood 1st feature win
Stan Pokupec heat WIN
Craig Shaver's car fully painted
Jeff Boyd's test drives Car #8
Craig Shaver driving for Tery Baker
Dream come true for this little guy.
Rob Park in deep thought
The Boys in Corner 3
Future Driver
When do I get a turn
Lined up for the start
1st lap under Green
Terry Baker charges hard
Safe follwing distance 3"-5"
Under the lights
View of under the cars
Ready to go racing.
Tammy by Terry's car
Warren won't fit.
Craig Shaver driving for Terry Baker
Warm up
Craig Shaver after first time on track
Rob Park's car after big crash
Rob Park's car after big crash
Rob Park's car after big crash
Kevin Job
Terry Baker
Rob Park
Rob Park
Terry Baker
This is neat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So do you think I can drive?
ANN he won't let me drive!!!!!
No you can't drive!
Flamboro's Fastest 4 Cylinders
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